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Clean Up Wall Street is a game-event inspired by the global financial crisis. The game explores the practices that led financial institutions to endanger the health of the global economy. Playfully assuming the roles of commodity traders and credit rating agents in the actual spaces of Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, players compete to trade and sell the most before the inflated system bursts and time runs out.

A game about selling trash

Working in teams, players collaboratively pursue wealth and prosperity. However, success in the game depends on face-to-face interactions with a cross-section of visitors to the Lower Manhattan Financial District. Performing an act of citizen journalism, players engage individuals to ask how the financial crisis (and recovery) may have impacted their lives. The stories are captured via a voicemail system and uploaded onto the game’s website along with additional gameplay imagery gathered by the players, forming a visual and audio mosaic of stories highlighting the financial, emotional, and mental consequences of an unstable and unregulated financial system.

New York’s Wall Street exists as a vibrant physical community as well as a powerful symbol in the collective imagination of the world’s interconnected financial systems, and as such, Clean Up Wall Street makes an intervention in both registers by performing play at its physical location and by interrupting its symbolic narrative. In part inspired and informed by Charles H. Ferguson’s 2010 Academy Award winning documentary Inside Job, the game playfully distills machinations of the highly complex derivatives market and highlights the dire and very real ramifications of deregulation.


Kristy H.A. Kang, Joshua McVeigh-Schultz, Veronica Paredes, Susana Ruiz, Jeff Watson

Clean Up Wall Street is a brought to you by the University of Southern California’s Interdivisional Media Arts and Practice (iMAP) program at the School of Cinematic Arts. Bringing together expertise in interactive media, cinematic storytelling, and game design, iMAP is here to make the world just plain better.


Clean Up Wall Street