Artist Statement

My work is about the future of performance, play, and public space. As such, it is necessarily concerned with technology, particularly the constellation of communications devices, protocols, sensor systems, and database networks sometimes known as pervasive or ubiquitous computing. But to say that this project is exclusively concerned with technology would be incomplete. Just as important are an array of performance- and participation-oriented practices whose origins long predate the birth of the Web. Such practices have found new life and energy under the present technological regime, but are not its creation.

Within this context of technology and practice, my work examines and imagines how narrative and interactivity can be woven into the fabric of lived experience. In this sense, my work is about “transmedia” in all its valences. It is about crossing and complicating boundaries — boundaries of time, space, context, and authorship. It is about the move from the contained and constrained to the wild and unruly.

See also: Manifesto (2008)