# Apr 30, 2011

“The Design Document provided a brief summary of every beat before providing a more detailed description, including a summary of what the players should accomplish in the beat, websites to be introduced or updated, social media updates (both Isabel and Keith had Facebook and Twitter accounts), Cisco technology being used, which assets were being employed (audio and/or video, pictures, and website copy), detailed puzzle descriptions and solves, and a flowchart to show how the pieces fit together. The sheer number of assets involved led to the creation of another document: an Asset List spreadsheet, also broken down by beat, including website URLs, media (photos, video, audio) to be included on each site for that beat and files uncovered or passwords revealed as part of puzzle solves. It also listed the responsible party for each asset and update’s creation and implementation. This level of detail made website scrubbing and puzzle playtesting relatively simple.”

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of Cisco’s ARG The Hunt | Magazine | Wired.com