Distant Early Warning


In 1969, Marshall McLuhan published Distant Early Warning, a playing card deck his estate describes as “a problem-solving device.” The deck was a part of the DEW Line Newsletter project (a “startling, shocking Early Warning System for our era of instant change”), which delivered McLuhan’s dispatches to subscribers via a range of unconventional formats, including records and decks of slides.

Based on these images, there are a few zingers in here — “With data banks, we are taped, typed and scrubbed” — and some thought has been put into which kinds of slogans or quotes appear on which kinds of cards. But much of the text hasn’t aged well, and it is sometimes hard to see this as much more than just a customized poker deck. I love the idea of people in 1969 getting curious bespoke “Newsletters” from Marshall McLuhan in oddball formats like card decks, but, at least compared to other popular works by McLuhan — notably, The Medium is the Massage (1967) — this feels slightly mailed-in. Even so, it remains a fascinating object.

You can buy the DEW Line card deck from Eric McLuhan.

New cards from Reality 2012

The second season of Reality Ends Here launched last week. In addition to numerous new play mechanics and tweaks, we’ve also created dozens of new game cards for players to use to generate creative prompts. Here are a few of my favorites, front and back.

Follow the game as it unfolds on Twitter at @scareality. Also, check out our 2012 IndieCade Award nomination here.

Trionfi.com: a massive, rambling archive of playing and fortune cards

Trionfi.com has got to be one of the most confusing and messy websites on the whole internet. It’s also a pretty amazing archive of thousands of playing and fortune card scans dating back to the 14th century. If you can deal with all the broken links, database errors, and circa-1995 web design, you’ll be rewarded with scans of beautiful and unusual card designs.

Enter the labyrinth: http://trionfi.com/m/