Future Factories and Futurematic

futurematic-posterPoster design by Ceda Verbakel

The Situation Lab invites you to take part in two upcoming events with award-winning New York City-based design collective, The Extrapolation Factory.

Founded by designers Elliott P. Montgomery and Chris Woebken, the Extrapolation Factory sets out to “explore the value of rapidly imagined, prototyped, deployed and evaluated visions of possible futures on an extended time scale.” In 2013, they won the Core77 award in the Speculative Design category for their project 99 cent futures, in which they held a design jam to create speculative products from the discount store of the future. When an exhibition incorporating 99 cent futures opened in China last December, CNN published this report.

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Mobile Experience Lab Projects – Summer 08

Cross-media whiz Jim Monroe has recently been working as a consultant and project coordinator at OCAD’s Mobile Experience Lab, and it looks like he’s been in the groove. The Lab’s upcoming suite of projects designed for deployment on and around Queen Street in Toronto are inspiring and often quite humorous. My favorite is “Your News Box,” a newspaper box that contains a screen displaying a fictional newspaper’s front page, which passers-by can alter and customize using their cell phones.

Link: No Media Kings.