AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS: A web audio adventure


AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS, a “web audio adventure” by Christy Dena, Craig Peebles, Trevor Dikes and Simon Howe, is the kind of project I’d love to see more of on the web. Described as “a unique audio experience that combines radio drama and web navigation,” AIAC uses the process of visiting and traversing among websites as an opportunity for story-rich flanerie.

Taking its cues from both the time-tested (and, in my opinion, much undervalued) art of radio drama, and the more recent practice of real-world locative storytelling, AIAC presents a hybrid experience that promises to mix the active engagement modes inherent in web navigation with more reflective or readerly modes of story apprehension.

We’ve created this new way to experience the web. What we’ve done is create a unique audio experience that combines radio drama and web navigation. But the websites you go to will all be fictional ones we’ve created especially for this experience.

You’ll download an app to play on your iPad. Once open, you’ll be guided by a narrator and the characters as they travel across the web to their fictional websites. So you’ll hear the drama unfold, see the fictional websites, and click around the web with the characters. ( AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS)


I’ve known Christy for a few years now, and she’s always at the forefront of imagining new ways of leveraging new media to mix storytelling and play. AIAC demonstrates that she’s continuing along that path. The project is presently in the stretch run of a funding drive, so head over to Pozible and help bring this new kind of interactive story experience into the world.

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