David Bordwell on Transmedia Storytelling

Film scholar David Bordwell posts a terrific summary of multiplatform/transmedia storytelling, covering everything from key precedents in cinema and theory to the hope many of us have for the form to reach higher and do more:

…creating a first-rate feature-length movie takes tremendous talent, sweat, and resourcefulness. It is immensely harder to create a story universe that sustains the same intensity and quality across platforms. True, you can sprinkle clues and cryptic references among websites and YouTube shorts. The formulas of genre (horror, mystery) help you generate shock effects and mystification in teaser trailers. Appeal to stock characterization helps you mount a “realistic” Second Life life. But building a vast, sturdy world teeming with distinctive characters, unpredictable plotting, and human resonance is an immense task. (davidbordwell.net)

H/T @henryjenkins