Ladies’ Interpretations of the Silurian


The Institute for Figuring’s  Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, an international crochet-art collaboration, is now on exhibit at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica:

The IFF Crochet Coral Reef is a collective and collaborative enterprise. The reef project was created by IFF directors Margaret and Christine Wertheim and from the beginning it was conceived as a celebration of women’s handiwork that would welcome all who want to participate. Our ideal is to have contributors from as many countries as possible – especially those nations with major reef ecosystems. We are thus delighted to acknowledge four stellar contributors from Australia, home to the Great Barrier Reef: Marianne Midelburg, Helen Bernasconi, Helle Jorgensen and our mother Barbara Wertheim (who taught us handicrafts as children.) Every person who comes to this seems to bring a unique perspective and we have learned from experience that the best models are the ones we have least imagined – we encourage you to let your imaginations run riot. All contributors will be acknowledged on this website and in exhibitions where the work is shown. (