The Nordic Larp Discourse

“The Nordic Larp Discourse” is a fascinating and inspiring collection of videos, essays, manifestos, and resources about Nordic live action role-playing. These games/experiences provoke a bevy of intriguing ideas about experience design, transmedia storytelling, immersive theatre, and environmental game design.

If you’re coming to this without any background at all, Nordic larp is the tradition of live-action roleplaying (it used to be an acronym, but it’s a noun in its own right now). It differs from traditional larp in other places by taking its stories much more seriously, and spending more time telling stories that emphasize naturalistic emotion. Nordic larp, as talked about here, refers to a specific community. While there’s no fully agreed upon definition, this community doesn’t include all larps in the Nordic countries — there are plenty of light-hearted fantasy games that have fairly little to do with what this community. (

See also: additional documentation on System Denmark (and many other larps mentioned in the Dymaxion article) at Nordic Larp Wiki.