Wikipedia Method #1

WikiGalaxy Wikipedia visualization by Owen Cornec.

Think of a known idea, person, place, or thing you care about and/or want to learn more about.

Ideally, this whatever-it-is should have its own Wikipedia article. For example, “Love,” or “Austre Moland.”

Now go to Wikipedia and click on “Random Article.”

Try to get closer (in whatever way “closer” makes sense to you at the time) to the idea/place/thing/whatever you originally thought of by clicking on a link contained in the Random Article. Take care to only click on internal Wikipedia links.

This will load up a new Wikipedia article. Once again, try to get closer to your target idea by clicking on a link in the new article.

Repeat this process until you arrive at the Wikipedia article for your whatever-it-is.

You may go back or start over entirely if you hit a dead end.

Note down each step in your journey.

Transform your notes into a narrative or essay.

6 Replies to “Wikipedia Method #1”

  1. I had been meaning to read some of Jeff Watson’s articles that were appearing in my Facebook feed so I opened Facebook on my phone and read Jeff’s “Wikipedia Method #1” article.

    To “stay mindful” of my original intention of contemplating what Jeff Watson has been up to, I opened Wikipedia, and began searching for his name.

    This search re-directed me to the Wikipedia entry for Jeffrey Watson who per Wikipedia, may refer to “Jeff Watson” the designer, politician, and guitarist or “Jeffrey Watson,” the actor or priest. I was tempted by some of these links but I clicked on the “See Also,” link instead and my choices now included a link to the Australian statistician, Geoffrey Watson.

    Scanning Geoffrey Watson’s Wikipedia entry, led me to a Wikipedia entry for “Autocorrelation – the cross-correlation of a signal with itself at different points in time.” #bringthenoise

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